About Us

Milkweed Clothing items are all handmade by Maria Egger with love for you! 

We strive to provide you with quality handmade products that are comfortable and long lasting. Our favorite kinds of clothing are the essential basics that you can dress up or down and personalize to your unique style. 

Milkweed Clothing is ever evolving and strives to grow as a business with inclusivity sizing and product quality.

Did you know that you can order custom clothing? With additional cost, any item listed can be made customized to YOUR body measurements. You can also further customize your items by choosing your own favorite colors. You can know that you are the only person with this item because it is unique to you!

You can feel good about your purchase knowing who made your item, and if you have any issues with the construction of your garment, you can send it back to get fixed. 

We hope you love your handmade clothing by Milkweed Clothing!